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Premium streetfood, elegant environment in two places of Debrecen.

We apply real values to our food, drinks, in a truly exclusive environment where everything is about harmony, comfort and uniqueness.

Our determined aim is to help you in our accelerated world in the proper diet, stress-free environment, quality coffee drinks, and to introduce you to the 'coffeeshop feeling'.

Throughout the day, we offer a wide selection of dishes, so those who start the day early can choose from breakfast sandwiches, pastries, omelettes, homemade jams that are freshly made by order and are guaranteed to make everyone's day happy.

We strive to pay attention to details, so croissants come from France, eggs, jams, seasonal vegetables directly from the farm, the ham comes from Italy, the butter from Belgium. We try to obtain all of our products which we know alternatives for from producers.

We work with high-quality coffee: our domestic coffee is a 100% Brazilian Arabika blend, and we would like if many people started their day at us. We keep the price of all of our coffee drinks low to make them available to you every day, moreover, to realize that you much better off with a perfectly made coffee made by pros than the store-bought coffee made with a home machine.

We would like to introduce the public of Debrecen to the atmosphere of new wave cafes, so always-changing specialty coffees can also be tasted here.

At lunchtime we offer varied soups made only from fresh ingredients for which our house burger is a perfect match that we offer in unique loaves prepared by us, moreover, panini sandwich is also an excellent choice made in Ciabatta loaves and with 5 years of unbroken popularity.

Our salad combinations and fresh pasta which also arrived from Italy are excellent options for a fast, healthy and diverse lunch or dinner.

PepePanini is a great choice to begin your day, relax, chat with friends, business meetings, a quick and peaceful lunch, or an after-work wine-drinking. It is a stable spot where you know you get quality, and the staff is there for you to make your day more beautiful!

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